Funny Olympics T-shirts

Funny Olympics t-shirts are all over the Internet now. I’ve been checking out Google News, Digg, Reddit and other sources to see just what more creative minds than mine have come up with.

Here are just a few funny slogans about the Olympics that I’ve found on t-shirts:

  • The Olympics Is a Five Ring Circus
  • Where’s the Bangers and Mash Competition?
  • I Haven’t the Foggiest About the Olympics
  • Phelps Who?
  • Bring the Olympics Back to Greece. No, Wait, They’re Broke!

Anyway, these were my top 5 funny Olympics t-shirts. Of course, I just picked the ones with silly slogans that tickle my funny bone. There are many t-shirts with whimsical graphics and hilarious logos as well.

And of course, you can create your own funny t-shirts or quality logo products to celebrate humanity with a sense of humor. No matter whether you’re into funny or not, hot vs. not or you’re just an Autobot, buy some stuff online as it will help merchants like me from going to rot.

Tilikum T-shirts Killer Whale Orcagasm Stud

Besides being a Killer Whale who apparently kills and kills again and thus the name, Killer Whale, the Sea World Tilikum is also a multi-million dollar animal they aren’t just going to release back into the wild.

That said, Tilikum is also a world famous Orca breeder spawning 13 other whales. He is the only living Orca grandpa in captivity. Because Tilikum is a prolific sexual animal with the propensity for shooting his wad, we thought it only appropriate to take a different angle on the whole Killer Whale incident.

I thought of titles like “Tilikum Shot” and “Tilikum Again” but I think “Stroke Me Tilikum” says it all. The Orcagasm comment is a little extra. Guys, buy this Tilikum t-shirt and wear it with pride among your would-be lady friends.

Elephant in the Living Room Vs 800 LB Gorilla

If you’ve ever living in a dysfunctional family or know of one or have worked in a dysfunctional workplace, then you’re probably family with both the 800-pound gorilla and the elephant in the living room.

But, if you were to pit one against the other who would win? Sure, the elephant is much bigger, but that giant monkey is much more nibble and he’s a biter, too. Anyway, no matter which one you pick, let’s not talk about it. Let’s definitely not talk about it (just buy the t-shirt).

Pants on the Ground T-shirts Up for Bid

If you heard General Larry Platt’s version of the song “Pants on the Ground” on this past week’s American Idol, you just new there was a new William Hung in the making. Being a bit too old for the competition (Platt is 62 and the cut-off is 28) you just knew this would be one of those auditions that was thrown in for humor value.

And you would be right! If you missed it, you can find the video here and as of this writing it has received 1.5 million visitors. Here’s also the lyrics to the catchy little ditty:

Pants on the Ground Lyrics

Pants on the ground
Pants on the ground
Lookin like a fool with you pants on the ground
Gold in your mouth
Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground
Call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool
Walking down town
With your pants on the ground!
Pants on the ground guy sings a creepy song.

This may have been a commentary on today’s youth or something else. Who knows? But, what is sure is that these tees are selling like hotcakes on eBay. Not that I want to point you in that direction. But, if you don’t like what you find on this site why not check it out?

Obama T-shirt Sales Die Down

According to this article, the people who developed Barack-in-the-Box for the 2008 campaign season are now stuck with 3,000 of them in a warehouse in California. The Obamarama t-shirt phase has also died down because almost one year later our President is not quite the rock star that he was before the election.

Now the harsh reality of health care reform is weighing on people’s minds and WTF is so funny about that? I’m just glad those damned Obama plate commercials have stopped. For months after the election in 2008, there were these commercials running on TV with a picture of Barack Obama on them in front of the American flag.

But, then you’d hear the voiceover say “And those smiling eyes and kind face” which the first ten or so times wasn’t bad, but after about 50 times I got so nauseous I wanted to vomit up a cat. And, every time that commercial ran, they would say “And, there are only 3,000 plates that will be fired before we break the mold forever” or some such nonsense such as this.

Yes, they broke the mold. They made another similar mold and that didn’t sell so they decided to try their luck at some copycat of the Barack-in-the-Box that was just waning in popularity. So, it goes. President Obama is not the easiest guy to make fun of. Perhaps it’s time to find another worldwide figure that is easy to poke fun at to put on a t-shirt. Has anyone seen Osama lately?

April Fools Day 2008

April Fool’s Day 2008 is just a week away, so how are you going to celebrate this wacky day? Will you be putting some clear gelatin in the toilet or filling the cupboard full of ping pong balls? Or, perhaps you’ll put a little yellow rubber ducky in your 5 gallon bottled water container.

Of course, these are some of the tried and true gags that have worked over the years. But, perhaps you’d like to pull an April Fool’s gag that you haven’t pulled in years past. What do you do?

One thing you can do is go political. Since this is a presidential election year, why not replace the household toilet paper with a roll of Hillary? Or, perhaps a funny Barack Obama t-shirt or George W. Bush Out of Office Calendar will have to do. One of the funniest devices this April Fools season is the Hillary Nutcracker.

She has stainless steel thighs and can crack a pair of walnuts faster than you can say “Bill and Monica”! Perhaps politics isn’t your forte but you’d still like to get the message of laughter across.

There is always the Wine Rack (that doubles as a beer bra) or the funny baby pacifier with wacky teeth or a pig nose or even the fake tattoo sleeve that will shock and awe your family and friends.

You may also wish to get a fake tongue, nose or chin piercing complete with two-sided magnets so that no actual injuries occur. Of course if you brain is scrambled with too many choices there is always the famous and fabulous fart machine to fall back on.

The point is that this year April Fool’s Day is happening live all day next Tuesday. The time to prepare for fun and frolic is right now. Strike first and watch the fun unfold all day long.

Funny Fishing T-shirts Are Here

Kiss My BassSo, let’s say that you have a bad case of Spring Fever. Snow has been piled up at your door for months or ice has been covering your driveway and sidewalk making more slippery than picking up a banana in a large oil spill. Perhaps, its just about time for Spring Break and you’d like to take a break to catch some huge lunker bass in one of the southern states.

Well, then it’s time you bought a few funny fishing t-shirts and headed to Florida or Texas or another locale where they grow them bass-tards big. You may not be a master baiter but you can learn to be one reeling in 10-pounder after 10-pounder. If all goes well you’ll have plenty of fresh fish for dinner. If you get skunked then their always the beer drinking and BS-ing aspect that has made your trip worth while.

No matter, what though, it’s important to celebrate daylight savings time or just life in general, by hitting that fishing hole and relaxing for a while. The daily grind will always be there. So, go out now, and just have some fun!

Skull T-shirts Going Mainstream

Skull t-shirts have been popular for at least a couple of decades and even longer. But, it has only been within the last couple of years that skull t-shirts have gone mainstream. This counterculture symbol of darkness and rebellion used to be the sole property of gangs like the Hell’s Angels and others who wanted to drop out of society.

But, now Harley’s have gone mainstream with young urban professionals. Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, all three of them, have made skulls popular. Gwen Stefani and other stars have made skulls a part of pop culture. And, now skull t-shirts have also followed suit.

Even Wal-Mart and Target are touting their skull t-shirts to the masses to basically promote the idea of conformity through non-conformity. People who have worn skull t-shirts for years are not happy. They have identified themselves with a certain rejection of mainstream values through the wearing of these tees.

Just as rap music used to be underground and a rejection of the mainstream, now it too has assimilated into massive appeal. So, if skull t-shirts, have indeed gone mainstream, what is the counterculture now to do?

X-ray t-shirts are now gaining momentum to try to fill this void. Instead of a skull on the front, X-ray t-shirts show a ribcage and perhaps even a heart on the front. But, X-ray t-shirts do not have the same dark intent as the evil-looking skull on the front of the shirt. So, the counterculture will presumably need to come up with something even newer.

Evil platypus t-shirts, anyone? Anyone?

Funny T-shirts for the Political Season

Funny t-shirts are a mainstay of sites like this. But, now that it is political season, there is more entertaining material to design t-shirts around. In fact, there are way too many choices as to what one could put on a t-shirt in order to either promote one’s cause or to disrespect the other agenda.

Funny t-shirts for the next 10 months may poke fun at candidates or political ideology. Since, I’m having a hard time deciding which tees to put on this site and my other political t-shirt website, I thought I would put it up for a vote. All comments are welcome.

Top 10 Candidate Tee Ideas

1. John Edwards: I dropped out of this political race and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
2. Rudy Giuliani: I dropped out of this political race and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
3. Fred Thompson Loses Latest Role
4. Bill Richardson for Nice President
5. Barack Star!
6. Yo Mama Obama
7. Hillary Billary 08
8. McCain Needs McWalker
9. Sh*t Romney
10. Mike Fuggabee

Top 10 Political Issue Ideas

1. Is the Iraq War still going?
2. It’s the Economy stupid!
3. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs for SOBs
4. Methamphetamine is not Renewable Energy
5. Red States and Blue States need Green Jobs
6. Imitation Immigration
7. HillaryCare 08
8. I’m Donating My Liver to Cigna
9. Fight the Terrorists on Mars so we don’t have to fight them at home
10. Politics Makes Me Horny

There you have it, two funny t-shirt lists ripe for the pickings this election season. If you have a great slogan of your own, why not take out a Sharpie and write it on a t-shirt?

Robert Fidler Builds Castle Behind Hay

Okay, this story is too good to pass up. An Englishman named Robert Fidler decided to build his dream home. The only problem is that Robert Fidler’s dream home is a castle and he hid it behind a huge wall of hay.

What the hay? Apparently Fidler who was on the roof quite a bit, was denied previous permits to built his dream home. So, Robert Fidler did a little lawyering a found himself a little known provision that said if a person built a home or castle and it stood for four years without any objections, it was a legal construction.

The city counsel, however is objecting to the idea that Robert Fidler’s home is his castle or vice versa and is saying he has to take it down. So, far Robert Fidler is not cooperating so a siege may become imminent. Soon, there may be sounds of “Run away, run away!” as an evil bunny flies through the air near the castle drawbridge.

While some people are building castles in the air, Robert Fidler may be defending his with slings and arrows. Then again, perhaps Fidler and the city counsel can come to some compromise. Once this is done, they call all go out for White Castles.