The Do-Run-Run At Enron

According to the Associated Press, former top accountant at Enron Corporation, Richard Causey, sealed his plea deal with prosecutors Wednesday, becoming a key potential witness in the upcoming fraud trial of former CEOs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. Looks like this Enron end-run will make for some good dramatic courtroom TV in the months to […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Funny T-shirts for All

Well, its that time a year, Christmas Day, so I thought I would take a moment before the kids get going to wish all my blog readers a Happy Holiday Season, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and any other pagan or non-pagan semi-religious or Santa oriented celebration that one wishes to acknowledge (Ah, yes, political correctness […]

Santa Airlines – Safest in the Business

I can’t believe Christmas is just a couple of days away. I thought it would never get here. What makes me nervous more than Christmas, though, is how many airline disasters and near-disasters their have been lately. Last week an airplane crashed off Miami killing all on board. Also a Jet Blue flight landed with […]

New Funny T-shirt Designs For The New Year

Been designing some new funny t-shirt designs to roll out in the new year. I love the design work! In fact, this is the most fun I have on this job. The humorous, creative brainstorming sessions is what makes me feel alive. I figure if I can make myself laugh (which isn’t always easy) with […]

Brown Christmas

So, I was flipping channel last night and stopped on the Bravo channel and listened to a promo for “Christmas with the Browns”. You know, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. What’s this going to be, another “Rehab Christmas”? C’mon! Are they decorating the Betty Ford clinic with an upside down Christmas tree this year? Little […]

Funny T-shirts Humor Blog Humble Beginnings

If you’re a standup comic wannabe or some other type of chameleon, then this is the place to be. I, myself, am quite a maroon as Bugs Bunny says (as opposed to a macaroon or the Macarena), so self-deprecation is not only a technique but a way of life around here. If you haven’t guessed […]