The Beach in February

I was down at the beach last week and saw pods of dolphins on two different days. The first day there were about 30 of them in a cove and a few even came about 20 feet from shore, riding some of the waves as they were breaking. The sun was setting and red-orange shards […]

Brrreeeport and Dick Cheney T-shirts

First, brrreeeport is a made up word, coined by rogue blogger, Robert Scoble as an experiment to get z-list bloggers like myself (or perhaps that would that be z-minus list – but whose counting?) found and to test just what the search engines are doing with such made up words. You can read more about […]

Disposable Razor Sharp Half-Wit

A number of years ago, one of the major disposable razor manufacturers came out with the revolutionary idea of twin blades. The first blade stretches the whisker out, and the second blade cuts the whisker below the skin line for the ultimate in smooth shaving. Sometime later, Saturday Night Live aired a parody commercial depicting […]

Health Club Humor

Well, I just got back from working out at the local health club. It just kills me to see some of the trainers ducking behind the outside corner of the building for a smoke as if no one can see them. What’s also amusing is to see people circling the parking lot looking for a […]

Supper Bowl XL Party Favors

Sometimes all of the forces of the universe come together and cause, well, indigestion. But, other times these same forces, call them karma or kismet or even Murphy’s Law come together to provide us with the perfect spawning ground for a great visual pun. Take for instance, the upcoming Super Bowl 40 or XL as […]