Political T-shirts Website Up

This is just a small note to let everyone know that the newly redesigned political t-shirts website is now up and running. Many new designs have been added so its worth checking out (if you’re a liberal that is). If you happen to be a conservative, then don’t bother as the site will only make […]

Oh Lord Stuck In Lodi Again – Man Sues Self

Yes, its true that a man in Lodi, California is suing the city for driving a dump truck into his car. The only problem is that this man is also the driver of the dump truck. The man, Curtis Gokey, filed a claim for $3,600, but Lodi officials denied the claim, since in essence, Mr. […]

Mad Cow in Alabama Not Bad Cow

In Alabama, there was one bovine that tested positive for Mad Cow Disease. Apparently, the cow never entered the food chain so we’re all safe. How now mad brown cow, was a question many asked. And then, when they got over themselves, they continued to ask how the cow contracted the fatal disease in the […]

St. Patrick’s Day Shout Out

Here’s a shout out to all you Irish, part-Irish and wannabee Irish people this upcoming St. Patty’s Day! As part-Irish (and full of ire) myself, I think St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to celebrate everything green including beer and mold. In fact, green beer with green eggs and ham (sans Seuss) is a […]

Which Is More, a Bazillion or a Gazillion?

Well, the official tally is in! Most people interviewed (meaning the few people I regularly talk to who put up with such nonsense) overwhelming say that a gazillion is worth far more than a bazillion. When asked why they chose one made-up word over another, the answers were a lot murkier. One of the more […]