Duke Lacrosse Stripper-Fest ’06 Competition T-shirt

Well, I couldn’t resist (I’m bad in that way). The Duke Lacrosse team has been making so much news lately that I couldn’t help but post a Duke Lacrosse Stripper-Fest ’06 Competition t-shirt for all to enjoy. I’m sure there are other colleges who hold stripper-fest competitions as well, but right now Duke is the […]

T-shirts As Social Statements and Security Blankets

T-shirts mean many things to many people. For some, it’s a way to make a statement to the world. For instance, a particular t-shirt made it to the Federal Appeals court in California recently because a student wore it to school on Tolerance day and the t-shirt had an anti-gay message upon it. The student […]

Ex-Exxon Mobile CEO Pumps Shareholders for Money

Ex-Exxon Mobile CEO, Lee Raymond, is getting a $400 million retirement package from the oil company. So, what do you think he’s going to do with the cash? Is he now able to afford hardcover books instead of soft cover? Or just hard porn over soft? Some are reporting that he’s going to take a […]

Naomi Campbell Anger Management Class Bully

Naomi Campbell has blown her top again, according to news reports. Allegedly, Ms. Supermodel Thang attacked and pummeled her maid with a jewel-encrusted phone. Apparently, Ms. Campbell decided that wasn’t enough so she also proceeded to deliver a pile driver, full Nelson, bear hug and the infamous “Claw” to her disoriented sidekick as well. In […]

Happy Easter All You Bunnies!

Happy Easter and for those who don’t believe in Easter then happy weekend. Woohoo! Easter, for those who are unaware is when the Easter Bunny rose from the dead on the third day after being crucified on the cross (or something like that). Of course, I could be mixing my metaphors and messing my mixafores […]

Funny Photo on FunnyDesigns.com Homepage

Well, I decided to get silly (surprise, surprise!) and create a new photo for the funnydesigns.com homepage. I thought I would take a t-shirt centered photo and tweak it a bit and add some animation, so it’s worth checking out. Enjoy!

There’s No Fool Like An April Fool

There’s no fool like an April Fool and this we saw last April 1 as the traffic to our April Fools website went up 20 times the usual amount. There was so much traffic this year that the site was shutdown for a while on March 31 due to ‘exceeded bandwidth’. The site was up […]

Scientists Discover Clams in Space

Documents recently released because of the United States Freedom of Information Act show that NASA has documented proof that clams exist in space. During Astronaut Ed White’s first American space walk on June 3, 1965 clams were spotted floating by in the photos that became outtakes since at that time. NASA had no explanation for how […]