Jimmy Hoffa T-shirt Surfaces

Well, the Feds are at it once again looking for the big lug in all the wrong places. They should have just asked us because we know where to find him. And, now with one of our Jimmy Hoffa t-shirts you can tell the whole world where Jimmy is buried. Don’t be shy! People want […]

Funny Illegal Immigration T-shirt Posted

In keeping with the popular illegal immigration theme that is sweeping the country right now, I’ve posted a new take on this subject on the People page. While not directed at illegal immigrants, this hip Border Patrol t-shirt covers the age old area of coming up with a good pickup line to initiate conversation (or […]

Undocumented Wanker T-shirt Seizes Upon Illegal Immigration Issues

In light of recent illegal immigration issues highlighted by the President’s speech last night, I decide to upload this decidedly understated, simply designed t-shirt, called Undocumented Wanker to the People page. A definite mixture of two cultures, the Undocumented Wanker t-shirt is sure to give our fellow Brits a howl or two, unless that is, […]

Flaps Over Funny T-shirts In The News

It’s always amazing to me how much of a flap that t-shirts can cause in our society. It’s especially amazing to me that funny t-shirts can be taken so seriously by so many as to cause downright hostility. Where’s the love, man? (or where’s the humor, man). Anyway, I thought I would check out the […]

New Funny T-shirt Designs Have Been Posted

If you’re a fan of those rascals the Kennedys (a family who needs their own reality TV show), then you’ll like the newest design we’ve posted on the Political T-shirts page. In addition, if you’ve ever seen that Fart Button graphic floating around different web pages on the Internet, then you’ll know why we just […]