Who’s Checking You Out T-shirt

The inspiration for this t-shirt design came one day when I was walking down the street and spotted a fine, young female strutting her stuff. As she was ‘shaking her groove thang’ and showing off, I noticed that she was noticing who was noticing her. So, if you’ll notice, that is pretty much what this […]

Renegade T-shirt Peddler Threat to Homeland Security

I just love the news, especially when it comes to t-shirt stories in the news. I mean in this story, here’s a dude from Boston picked up at JFK airport as a possible threat to national security for some Yankees Suck t-shirt code violations. One would think that our Homeland Security officials may have something […]

Dakota Week at FunnyDesigns.com Is June 24 – 30th

Anyone from North Dakota or South Dakota who buys one of more t-shirts during the week of June 24 – 30, 2006, will receive a free t-shirt. Participants do not have to enter to win. Once we see that a customer from North or South Dakota has purchased a t-shirt we will follow up with […]

Random Acts of T-shirts Program Rolls Out

Today is the official roll out of the FunnyDesigns.com “Random Acts of T-shirts” program. Through the program, we are randomly mailing out free t-shirts to random customers at random times of the month. The whole program is completely random! The great part about the Random Acts of T-shirts program is that our winning customers are […]

Bad Drivers Make Me Nuts

Okay, so I’m not the best driver on the road, but I’m by no means the worst either. Recently, I’ve been hit with some back-to-back bad driver episodes that have driven me nuts. Here are my top three. 1. When a driver stops half-a-car-length back from the stop sign just so they can claim to […]

Funny College T-shirt Design Posted

I figured it was about time I posted the Drunk & Horny College Girls Rule t-shirt on the College page of the website. I mean, what have I been waiting for, for God’s Allah’s Vishnu’s and Harry Reems’ sake? With summer finally here and school coming to a close for the semester, its time for […]