Writer in Angst Needs Funny Book Title

I get a ton of email every week for the funnydesigns.com website. Many times, there just isn’t enough time to read and reply to them all. But, then on rare occasions, someone will send in an email request that I just can’t put off until later. As a writer myself I know what writer’s angst […]

Funny Stuff Has Arrived!

Funny stuff has arrived! Well, since I’m running out of names to call all the different categories of humorous t-shirts on our site, I’ve decided just to call the newest one “funny stuff”. Someone had suggested that since Thanksgiving is now upon us, why not call this new page “Funny Stuffing”, but since this page […]

Funny Panties Are Here!

Funny panties are here! Funny panties are here! What can I say, I just like saying the word, “panty”. It kind of rolls off the tongue. Well, just to be brief about the whole panty issue, we’re offering 10 new amusing designs for either the front or back of the humorous panties. Why not go […]

Dog T-shirts – Funny Clothes for Canines

Well, now that the holiday season is coming upon us quickly, I thought it time to rollout a page filled with funny dog t-shirts. The holiday season is the perfect time to show off your pooch with a funny slogan on back. You can let other dog owners and pedestrians know a little about where […]