Nipple Hole T-shirts Now For Sale

Nipple hole t-shirts are the latest thing in the fashion industry! We’ve just contracted with premier t-shirt manufacturer Joizees to offer an Internet exclusive on nipple hole t-shirts. Why must everyone have such a t-shirt? The simple answer is that not everyone should. Only those who have fabulous nipples should wear them. In addition, if […]

Funny Junk

Okay, I’ll admit it! I’m running out of names for the categories of funny t-shirts on the website. This is why I’ve put up a funny junk page. I had a bunch of new designs and no name for a new category. Stuff was already taken. Things just doesn’t work at all. Here are some […]

St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts Are Fun for Blarney Kissers

So, all you Blarney kissing, jig dancing, shamrock groping Irishmen (and pseudo Irishmen and women), it’s that time of year again. On Saturday, March 17, people everywhere will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And, what will a good Irish people be wearing on this fine holiday? That’s correct, funny St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts! That as […]

Business Slow for Shakira As Now She’s Designing T-shirts

Pop singer Shakira is at the top of her music game and has been for the past 10 years. But, business must be a little slow right now, as Shakira has delved into designing t-shirts. All humor aside, the t-shirts are for a good cause as the proceeds go to children who have been victimized […]