Bring Back the Survivor Islands

Like I’ve already talked about, China is a pee poor place for the TV show Survivor to be hosted this time around. Why do the producers not choose another island? Since Survivor seems to be running out of places to host their show, here’s a top 10 list of locations they haven’t tried yet. 1. […]

Survivor Runs Out of Islands

So, did the TV show Survivor finally run out of islands? I mean they go from competing on Gilligan’s Island to a country with over 1 billion people in it. Survivor China? What’s next, Survivor Idaho? Perhaps Survivor Idaho can take place in an airport bathroom with several senators in each stall. I just can’t […]

Marcel Marceau Dies, Buried in Invisible Box

Marcel Marceau has died quietly at the age of 84. And, while a mime is a terrible thing to waste, it had to happen sometime. This also begs the question that if a mime falls in the forest and no one is around to see him, does he make a sound? Attendees to Marceau’s funeral […]

Idaho Senator T-shirt

Okay, I’m bad and I just can’t let go of this one. Since Idaho Senator Craig admitted guilt already and has decided to resign, I decided that I need to post one more t-shirt creation honoring the occasion. The footsie t-shirt is on the Funny Things page and honors those who just wish to state […]