April Fools Day 2008

April Fool’s Day 2008 is just a week away, so how are you going to celebrate this wacky day? Will you be putting some clear gelatin in the toilet or filling the cupboard full of ping pong balls? Or, perhaps you’ll put a little yellow rubber ducky in your 5 gallon bottled water container. Of […]

12 Fart Facts You Didn’t Know Before

I think a lot about farts (what guy doesn’t?). And, I particularly think about farts when I am at the gym working out. For some unknown reason I am particularly gassy when I’m at the gym. I try to position myself on the equipment so that I’m out of smelling range from other people. I […]

Vajayjay O-Tay!

Vajayjay is now urban slang for vagina. The term “Vajayjay” was introduced by Grey’s Anatomy when they were struggling to come up with an alternative term for the female genitalia. Oprah Winfrey, however, picked up vajayjay, so to speak and ran with it. Men have been naming their penises since time began when the first […]

Which Is More, a Bazillion or a Gazillion?

Well, the official tally is in! Most people interviewed (meaning the few people I regularly talk to who put up with such nonsense) overwhelming say that a gazillion is worth far more than a bazillion. When asked why they chose one made-up word over another, the answers were a lot murkier. One of the more […]

Disposable Razor Sharp Half-Wit

A number of years ago, one of the major disposable razor manufacturers came out with the revolutionary idea of twin blades. The first blade stretches the whisker out, and the second blade cuts the whisker below the skin line for the ultimate in smooth shaving. Sometime later, Saturday Night Live aired a parody commercial depicting […]

Health Club Humor

Well, I just got back from working out at the local health club. It just kills me to see some of the trainers ducking behind the outside corner of the building for a smoke as if no one can see them. What’s also amusing is to see people circling the parking lot looking for a […]