Robert Fidler Builds Castle Behind Hay

Okay, this story is too good to pass up. An Englishman named Robert Fidler decided to build his dream home. The only problem is that Robert Fidler’s dream home is a castle and he hid it behind a huge wall of hay. What the hay? Apparently Fidler who was on the roof quite a bit, […]

Funny T-shirt Talks Back to Commissioners

Well, I love a good t-shirt story and I came across one in the Palm Beach Post. Apparently, according to the Post, the county commissioners have been behaving badly and giving uncivilized tongue-lashings to each other and the public. So, in protest, the local t-shirt artist decided to put the commissioners’ quotes on t-shirts and […]

Italy Shaken By Mafia T-shirt

Here’s another story in the news that caught my fancy where a slogan on a t-shirt is shaking up the local authorities. Apparently, a few shops in Italy have been selling t-shirts that make fun of the mafia. One of the most popular t-shirts states, “Mafia – Made in Italy.” The local authorities have been […]

Renegade T-shirt Peddler Threat to Homeland Security

I just love the news, especially when it comes to t-shirt stories in the news. I mean in this story, here’s a dude from Boston picked up at JFK airport as a possible threat to national security for some Yankees Suck t-shirt code violations. One would think that our Homeland Security officials may have something […]

Flaps Over Funny T-shirts In The News

It’s always amazing to me how much of a flap that t-shirts can cause in our society. It’s especially amazing to me that funny t-shirts can be taken so seriously by so many as to cause downright hostility. Where’s the love, man? (or where’s the humor, man). Anyway, I thought I would check out the […]

T-shirts As Social Statements and Security Blankets

T-shirts mean many things to many people. For some, it’s a way to make a statement to the world. For instance, a particular t-shirt made it to the Federal Appeals court in California recently because a student wore it to school on Tolerance day and the t-shirt had an anti-gay message upon it. The student […]

Ex-Exxon Mobile CEO Pumps Shareholders for Money

Ex-Exxon Mobile CEO, Lee Raymond, is getting a $400 million retirement package from the oil company. So, what do you think he’s going to do with the cash? Is he now able to afford hardcover books instead of soft cover? Or just hard porn over soft? Some are reporting that he’s going to take a […]

Mad Cow in Alabama Not Bad Cow

In Alabama, there was one bovine that tested positive for Mad Cow Disease. Apparently, the cow never entered the food chain so we’re all safe. How now mad brown cow, was a question many asked. And then, when they got over themselves, they continued to ask how the cow contracted the fatal disease in the […]

The Do-Run-Run At Enron

According to the Associated Press, former top accountant at Enron Corporation, Richard Causey, sealed his plea deal with prosecutors Wednesday, becoming a key potential witness in the upcoming fraud trial of former CEOs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. Looks like this Enron end-run will make for some good dramatic courtroom TV in the months to […]