Obama T-shirt Sales Die Down

According to this article, the people who developed Barack-in-the-Box for the 2008 campaign season are now stuck with 3,000 of them in a warehouse in California. The Obamarama t-shirt phase has also died down because almost one year later our President is not quite the rock star that he was before the election. Now the […]

Funny T-shirts for the Political Season

Funny t-shirts are a mainstay of sites like this. But, now that it is political season, there is more entertaining material to design t-shirts around. In fact, there are way too many choices as to what one could put on a t-shirt in order to either promote one’s cause or to disrespect the other agenda. […]

Idaho Senator T-shirt

Okay, I’m bad and I just can’t let go of this one. Since Idaho Senator Craig admitted guilt already and has decided to resign, I decided that I need to post one more t-shirt creation honoring the occasion. The footsie t-shirt is on the Funny Things page and honors those who just wish to state […]

Idaho Hoe

With the recent news about the Idaho Senator, I couldn’t resist putting this T-shirt on the Political T-shirts page. Since the Senator’s name is Craig this got me to thinking somehow of Craig’s List the online site. Then I started fantasizing what Senator’s Craig’s List must have been like leading up to today. Craig’s List1. […]

Political T-shirts Website Up

This is just a small note to let everyone know that the newly redesigned political t-shirts website is now up and running. Many new designs have been added so its worth checking out (if you’re a liberal that is). If you happen to be a conservative, then don’t bother as the site will only make […]

Brrreeeport and Dick Cheney T-shirts

First, brrreeeport is a made up word, coined by rogue blogger, Robert Scoble as an experiment to get z-list bloggers like myself (or perhaps that would that be z-minus list – but whose counting?) found and to test just what the search engines are doing with such made up words. You can read more about […]

Palestinians Choose Hamas – A Healthy Choice

I don’t know what the big deal is about the Palestinians choosing Hamas. I personally like Hamas. And, since the Palestinians chose Hamas through democratic elections, who are we to complain? I mean anything chosen through democratic elections are much better than the alternative, right? Now, if we could just get the Palestinians to choose […]

Sleeper Cells Prevalent

Code Orange, Code Yellow, what’s it all mean? This country has been on alert so much during the past 4 years that by now we’re just sleeping through it. And that’s a good thing. Just more proof that there are a vast number of sleeper cells in this country. If you’d like more evidence of […]