Funny Olympics T-shirts

Funny Olympics t-shirts are all over the Internet now. I’ve been checking out Google News, Digg, Reddit and other sources to see just what more creative minds than mine have come up with. Here are just a few funny slogans about the Olympics that I’ve found on t-shirts: The Olympics Is a Five Ring Circus […]

Tilikum T-shirts Killer Whale Orcagasm Stud

Besides being a Killer Whale who apparently kills and kills again and thus the name, Killer Whale, the Sea World Tilikum is also a multi-million dollar animal they aren’t just going to release back into the wild. That said, Tilikum is also a world famous Orca breeder spawning 13 other whales. He is the only […]

Elephant in the Living Room Vs 800 LB Gorilla

If you’ve ever living in a dysfunctional family or know of one or have worked in a dysfunctional workplace, then you’re probably family with both the 800-pound gorilla and the elephant in the living room. But, if you were to pit one against the other who would win? Sure, the elephant is much bigger, but […]

Pants on the Ground T-shirts Up for Bid

If you heard General Larry Platt’s version of the song “Pants on the Ground” on this past week’s American Idol, you just new there was a new William Hung in the making. Being a bit too old for the competition (Platt is 62 and the cut-off is 28) you just knew this would be one […]

Funny Fishing T-shirts Are Here

So, let’s say that you have a bad case of Spring Fever. Snow has been piled up at your door for months or ice has been covering your driveway and sidewalk making more slippery than picking up a banana in a large oil spill. Perhaps, its just about time for Spring Break and you’d like […]

Skull T-shirts Going Mainstream

Skull t-shirts have been popular for at least a couple of decades and even longer. But, it has only been within the last couple of years that skull t-shirts have gone mainstream. This counterculture symbol of darkness and rebellion used to be the sole property of gangs like the Hell’s Angels and others who wanted […]

Funny Japanese T-shirts

Since Pearl Harbor Day is only a couple of months away, I thought I would get a jump on things and post a page full of funny Japanese t-shirts for those that enjoy this sort of humor. These funny Japanese t-shirts may not be everyone’s cup of tea (green or chai) and some may even […]

Pick Your Greeting – Funny T-shirt

So, I attended a conference recently on the Interactive Theorems of Adult T-shirtology and Quantum Munchausen’s Syndrome and as I entered one of the workshops, there was a floor mat that read, “Hi, High-Five, Handshake, Hug” and the moderator welcomed people who stood on the matt saying “Pick your greeting.” Well, that got me to […]

Mid-Summer T-shirt Yada Yada Yada

Well, it’s almost mid-summer now and we’ve given away free tees in both the Dakota Week promotion and the Random Acts of T-shirts promotion. I’ve also uploaded some new funny t-shirt designs in the General, Novelty and Religion categories that are worth checking out. The Duke LaCrosse Stripper t-shirt has been a big hit so […]

Who’s Checking You Out T-shirt

The inspiration for this t-shirt design came one day when I was walking down the street and spotted a fine, young female strutting her stuff. As she was ‘shaking her groove thang’ and showing off, I noticed that she was noticing who was noticing her. So, if you’ll notice, that is pretty much what this […]