About Us

We are not like most people at FunnyDesigns.com. In fact, some of us are not people at all. You may be interested in how our ragtag group came together to create some of the funniest merch on the planet.

Here is our story.

Laughing Cavemen
Ragtag group of misfits coming together to create funny t-shirts and other humorous merch


A war has been raging right underneath our noses for centuries. With humans spreading like a plague, the magical creatures of the world, such as werewolves, centaurs, minotaurs, and fairies, had become virtually extinct (and of course, some downright stink). While their numbers did certainly dwindle, most magical races were able to bounce back and make full recoveries, hidden away from the prying eye of mankind.

Some did this by adopting disguises like Groucho Marx glasses and others by running successful corporations to ensure their financial security. Still others hid underground, in the mountains, or in quicksand (probably not the smartest place) or in other locations that weren’t easily accessible to man.

Since the wars had started so long ago, relationships manifested and alliances were forged. Some rivalries stayed just as bitter as they were centuries ago, like the vampires and werewolves (plus kumquats for some reason). Thewar is so old, that while both races still thrive today, nobody alive could tell you what they were fighting about. Unlikely alliances have also come to be. Most impressively, the special creatures now acknowledge the geeks and clowns into their society, despite them being completely human (well mostly human).

The reason varies for the inclusion, as for the clowns, they have found themselves downgraded in mankind’s society and find themselves labeled as being taboo, outdated, or just downright creepy (get out of that sewer, clown!).

Being discarded by the human community, the magical creatures found immense humor in their antics. As it turns out, clown jokes are preferred 9 to 1 by most magical creatures. While giants and dwarves have human-like features, they are no more a man than a chihuahua is a direwolf or a hummingbird is an eagle, or a beagle is a bagle.

As for the geeks, they never admitted defeat in the means of society telling them that all the monsters and beings from mythology and ancient lore didn’t exist. Ever vigilant with their suped-up gaming PCs in the comfort of their mother’s basements, the geeks pushed forward in their quest for answers. Heading up forum after forum, they conducted extensive research in regards to bigfoot sightings, crop circles, and crap circles until they finally started turning up answers.

Misfit Crew

Keep going, dear reader, as I’m getting to the point!

With the COMC, the Coalition of Magical Creatures, forming to discuss how to handle their possible exposure, they agreed to just bring them into the fold in exchange for their silence. The geeks happily agreed and have been considered a friend of the COMC ever since (and of course Comic-Con, too).

With all of that going on, the world still functions as you and I see it right now. Just humans, animals, and a bunch of weirdos. Although keep in mind, some strange people you see are actually magical creatures struggling to fit into their human disguises.

Some grasp it right away, like werewolves who just have to adapt to fleas, ticks and lime disease, but can otherwise fit in with most social situations. And of course the werewolves only have to hide around a dozen times a year and avoid silver (Hi Ho Silver!). Aside from that, you could have sat next to one on the subway, eating a Subway sandwich, and never realized it.

When it comes down to romance and dwindling numbers, you can expect that some species may try to proverbially sample a honey pot that doesn’t belong to them. As it turns out, this has happened numerous times. With humans clearly being the dominant population, the breeding (with some inbreeding) typically happens with them.

And for the sake of the child, the parents always agree to raise it as human if they can, to ensure it has the best chance of surviving the dominant economy. Have you ever watched basketball? It doesn’t take much to notice that a majority of the players are simply small giants. Except for Shaq who was a medium giant when he played.

Since humans have always flexed their chokehold on the world with fading memories of the magical creatures even existing, it is exceptionally easy to excel if you were one. More humans running the world meant they had more control and more access to resources. This also meant more money.

Centuries ago, men fought on the battlefields with swords and shields with legends of dragons, griffins, and sea monsters scrawled all over their walls and books (and of course some big boobed babes as well). Wars now are fought with computers and high-tech guns and equipment.

Laughing Zombies

I mean I really am getting to the point!

Werewolves didn’t fair as well with the financial shake, as most of them were forced into jobs where they could roam free once every full moon without risk of being seen. This means no city life, with most opting to work as lumberjacks or at best, for the game commission. This would give them free roam of the forest and woodlands, and ensure they could return to human form without alerting any suspicion.

Some races like the Sasquatch community had to remain in constant hiding, while others like the dwarves were able to easily infiltrate the human world. No matter how it shook down for the rest of the magical creatures, mankind controlled most of what the eye could see and the majority of the world’s money with it. With global economies shifting all the time, and new and unlikely relationships forming, an unlikely group banded together to discuss change.

The Point!

Something would have to be done to challenge the human race and knock them down a peg (and give some a peg leg). Or at the very least, help those in the newly formed band of misfits get a fatter paycheck.

There was a mysterious ad on Craigslist stating that all funny people from tribes from around the world need to meet for fun, frivolity, fanciness, funniness, and creation. A ragtag cast and crew are the only ones who showed up to the creative party and the magic ensued.

This merry gang consisted of the werewolves, dwarfs, clowns, giants, centaurs, and of course, the geeks. The clowns were tired of being used for their laughs in the early 1900s just to be chalked up as weirdos and serial killers a century later. The geeks were bullied their whole lives by their own kind, so to them, it’s a simple revenge story.

Laughing Werewolf

Humans already controlled mega-corporations like Glamazon and Goggle, which revolutionized the way we shop and communicate. Even powerhouse food chains like Starclucks and McRonalds were headed by billionaire humans. With food, communication, and online shopping virtually locked down, this group of unlikely misfits would set their focus on the next best choice for the most obvious market. Funny T-shirts. Okay, and humorous coffee mugs, panties, undies and other merch too.

As to not empower the enemy any further, they avoided sourcing their new business venture from any of the established human-owned corporations. They would do it all old-school style.

The centaurs provided transportation for the dwarves who served as the primary workforce of the project. While they may be small, people forget that these pocket hulks burrowed into mountains for centuries without the use of power tools.

Surely they could build a fun-filled t-shirt factory. Fully suited up, they awaited the centaurs to show up in their Ubers, (What? You thought they rode on them? Come on man, it’s the 21st century! Nobody rides centaurs anymore,) and they made their way to the job site. The werewolf lumberjacks were already there, processing all the wood and materials required to build the shop and produce high-quality hilarious t-shirts that don’t shrink or fade in the wash.

The giants did all the heavy lifting of the project while the clowns danced around, absolutely slaying everyone with limitless laughter (they also made for good graphic designers as well). After it was all said and done, all that was left was for the geeks to fire up their state-of-the-art liquid-cooled high-powered gaming computers and market their product to the world.

And that is how werewolves, dwarfs, clowns, giants, centaurs, and geeks all came together to create funny t-shirts, coffee mugs, women’s panties, men’s undies, dog t-shirts and other funny merchandise. We are a merry band of misfits and we hope you will join us and buy our smile-worthy merch!