April Fools Day 2008

April Fool’s Day 2008 is just a week away, so how are you going to celebrate this wacky day? Will you be putting some clear gelatin in the toilet or filling the cupboard full of ping pong balls? Or perhaps you’ll put a little yellow rubber ducky in your 5-gallon bottled water container.

Of course, these are some of the tried-and-true gags that have worked over the years. But perhaps you’d like to pull an April Fool’s gag that you haven’t pulled in years past. What do you do?

One thing you can do is go political. Since this is a presidential election year, why not replace the household toilet paper with a roll of Hillary? Or perhaps a funny Barack Obama t-shirt or George W. Bush Out of Office Calendar will have to do. One of the funniest devices this April Fools season is the Hillary Nutcracker.

She has stainless steel thighs and can crack a pair of walnuts faster than you can say “Bill and Monica”! Perhaps politics isn’t your forte, but you’d still like to get the message of laughter across.

There is always the Wine Rack (that doubles as a beer bra) or the funny baby pacifier with wacky teeth or a pig nose or even the fake tattoo sleeve that will shock and awe your family and friends.

You may also wish to get a fake tongue, nose or chin piercing complete with two-sided magnets so that no actual injuries occur. Of course, if you brain is scrambled with too many choices there is always the famous and fabulous fart machine to fall back on.

The point is that this year April Fool’s Day is happening live all-day next Tuesday. The time to prepare for fun and frolic is right now. Strike first and watch the fun unfold all day long.

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