Bring Back the Survivor Islands

Like I’ve already talked about, China is a pee poor place for the TV show Survivor to be hosted this time around. Why do the producers not choose another island?

Since Survivor seems to be running out of places to host their show, here’s a top 10 list of locations they haven’t tried yet.

1. Survivor Iceland – have the contestants compete in the polar bear swim in the nude
2. Survivor Greenland – have the contestants flee from the falling ice sheets caused by global warming
3. Survivor Japan – contestants sing karaoke and eat bad sushi
4. Survivor Galapagos – contestants compete in tortoise races
5. Survivor Easter Island – contestants knock over those big heads
6. Survivor Bali – contestants try to escape from the nightclubs as terrorists are bombing them
7. Survivor Tasmania – tribes take on that cartoon Tasmanian Devil character
8. Survivor Canary Islands – contestants escape from coal mines
9. Survivor Sri Lanka – contestants beg for food and avoid tsunamis
10. Survivor Manhattan – contestants survive rudeness

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