Business Slow for Shakira As Now She’s Designing T-shirts

Pop singer Shakira is at the top of her music game and has been for the past 10 years. But, business must be a little slow right now, as Shakira has delved into designing t-shirts.

All humor aside, the t-shirts are for a good cause as the proceeds go to children who have been victimized by violence in Colombia. Shakira along with Hard Rock have unveiled their new Signature Series T-shirt.

While perhaps not as funny as the t-shirts as the ones on this site, they are nonetheless helping those who need help. Perhaps now that Britney has shaved her head and gone into rehab, she too may have a little extra time for t-shirt design. Though with her, I would rather she come up with a Britney bald bobblehead for the summer selling season.

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