Doggone Dog

Dog Fetching Stick

Guest Post by Dick Stickenbush

Here’s an odd story from the news recently. A family was vacationing in Texas. They had a picnic in the park. Everything was going well. There were lots to eat and the kids were having fun. When it was time to leave, however, one of the kids threw a stick for their dog to retrieve. The dog, though, grabbed the stick and took off into the woods.

The family spent several hours looking for and calling for their beloved pup. But, since the parents needed to go so that they could travel several states and get back in time for work, the family had to leave their dog behind.

The parents and kids were distraught of course on the trip home, but there was no time to go back and look. They all made it home even though everyone was sad.

Time went by and the family mourned the loss of their dog.

And then after three months went by there was a sound at the front door. The child who had thrown the stick opened the door only to find their wonderful dog with the stick in his mouth.

Now, I personally, find this a little far-fetched.

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