Funny Birthday t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, women’s panties and men’s underwear and general mayhem may be found on this page. If you want to wish happy birthday to someone then give them the gift of laughter!

It's My Birthday, Blow Me, Lick Me
It’s my birthday. Blow me, Lick me.
This Is My Birthday Present
This is my birthday present (Cheap *%#! friends and family)
Birthday Spanking Machine Crew
Birthday Spanking Machine Crew

It's My Birthday I Can Cry If I Want To
It’s My Birthday I Can Cry If I Want To
It's My Birthday and I have Covid Cough. Who wants a piece?
It’s My Birthday and I have Covid Cough. Who wants a piece?
Another Birthday? Fire in the Hole!

It's My Birthday. You May Bow and Kiss My Hand.
It’s My Birthday. You May Bow and Kiss My Hand.
Birthday = Mirth Day
Birthday = Mirth Day

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When it comes to celebrating an event, there are many ways to make the day special. One way is by buying funny birthday t-shirts, coffee mugs, and hats from These unique gifts will certainly bring joy to any recipient on their special day!

Laughter is medicine for the soul!

Everyone loves to have a good laugh and get a chuckle from what they see. When you’re looking to buy funny gifts for birthdays, look no further than Funny Designs! We have a huge selection of hilarious designs that will make your friend or family member smile when they open their package on their birthday. Whether it’s a coffee mug with an ironic saying about age, or humorous t-shirts with graphics depicting the struggles of being old, you can find it all at Funny Designs! If you need to buy funny birthday presents for men or women, this is the perfect place because there are tons of options available for both genders.

A gift to remember.

A smile is one of the best things you can give to someone. It takes a few seconds and can make somebody’s day. Sometimes people are having a bad day, or they are feeling sad. A smile could be just what they want to change their mood for the better. Smiles also have many other benefits that can help your health too!

Why buy funny birthday t-shirts?

The market for funny birthday t-shirts is growing rapidly. Many people purchase these shirts to wear them out, while others are buying them as gifts. However, there are some people who buy funny birthday t-shirts just because they want to have an unusual shirt that no one else has.

Funny birthday t-shirts are also great conversation starters and icebreakers at parties or events where everyone wears clothes that are similar in style.

If you’re looking for a simplistic way to stand out from the crowd, then having your own humorous birthday t-shirt can be a great idea! People love owning things that make other people envious of their “cool” stuff, so if you have something really weird or unique, it will get attention wherever you go!

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When it comes to personalizing your day, nothing does the trick quite like a funny coffee mug. Who doesn’t love getting a cup of joe in the morning and having their favorite joke staring back at them?

It’s even more satisfying when you can share that humor with others by gifting this personalized piece of awesomeness to friends or family members.

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We all know that humor is contagious. We laugh at the things we find funny, and those around us tend to do the same, so it’s no surprise that people often buy hats as a joke for themselves or others! What’s more, wearing a hat can help keep you warm in colder climates and protect your head from sunburns. So, if you’re looking for headwear that is funny and practical to wear this winter, we’ve got some awesome hats with hilarious sayings to make you chuckle.

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