Funny Dog Bandanas, Tank Tops & T-shirts

Funny dog bandanas, tank tops, t-shirts, clothing and general mayhem may be found on this page. If you want to your pup to look stylish and give others the gift of laughter then buy a few today!

Did Someone Say Bacon?
My Balls Won't Lick Themselves
Show Me the Meats!

Sniff Your Butt?
Will Lick Balls for Food
Super Duper Pooper

Come Here, Bitch!
Couch Licker

Let Me At the Cat
Let Me At The CAT!
My Owner Thinks My Name Is Leave It, Leave It
My Owner Thinks My Name Is Leave It, Leave It
Not an Emotional Support Dog
Not an Emotional Support Dog

Self-Winding Watchdog
Self-Winding Watchdog
Tell My Condescending Owner to Stop Dogsplaining to Me
Tell My Condescending Owner to Stop Dogsplaining to Me
It's a Ruff Life
It’s a Ruff Life

Top Chow Hound
Top Chow Hound
I'd Rather Be a Werewolf
I’d Rather Be a Werewolf
If Barking Were an Olympic Sport I'd Get a Gold Medal
If Barking Were an Olympic Sport I’d Get a Gold Medal

Dog on a Jog

Dog on a Jog

Like what you see? Then buy something for yourself, for a friend or a loved one! Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Benefits of buying funny dog bandanas

Many scientific studies have examined the potential benefits of dogs, often referred to be man’s best friend. We’ll show you the benefits of buying funny dog bandanas, tank tops, t-shirts and other funny clothing and how wearing them may boost your overall health and of course funniness factor.

Many studies have demonstrated that dogs make us happier, more resilient when faced with stress, and physically healthier. These beloved quadrupeds improve our well-being in many ways. Plus they lick our faces such as that scene in There’s Something About Mary. Therefore, the benefits will be even more, not just for you but for others when they see your pup wearing a funny dog t-shirt.

Whatever your relationship with dogs, funny dog bandanas are sure to make you and those around you smile. It’s common knowledge that cuddling with a dog is good for your mood (and remember you can love your pet, just don’t looooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeee your pet).

Funny Dog Tank Tops make you and others around you laugh.

More laughs and chucklesare just what the doctor ordered when it comes to reducing stress. Even if you’re not laughing at the television or reading the newspaper, laughing is excellent for you. It’s no exaggeration to say that laughter is an effective stress reliever. Plus laughing at your boss, coworker or in-law is an age old tradition. You don’t want to break tradition do you?

Laughter provides stress alleviation.

While a good sense of humor won’t be able to treat every condition, research is accumulating on the healing powers of laughing, and buying a funny t-shirt for your dog can do just that.  A hearty chuckle may do wonders for your mood in the short term. Laughing not only makes you feel better psychologically, but it also affects your biological chemistry. According to the American Medical Association, laughter can cure up to 1,459,729.574,007,069 diseases (don’t ask for a link to my source, however).

It is possible that laughter can: Stimulate a large number of organs. You like your organs stimulated, don’t you? You get more oxygen and endorphins when you laugh because it boosts your heart rate, lungs fill up with air, and your muscles contract. Whether you have a couch licker, Baconator or Super Duper Pooper, your pup will enjoy wearing the shirt that gives others a chuckle, guffaw or snicker (or Snickerdoodle, not to be confused with a Labradoodge or Goldendoodle).

Calm down the crowd. Imagine your dog wearing one of their funny dog t-shirts to a large event. Laughter has been shown to improve circulation, as well as alleviate stress-related symptoms including tension headaches and tense muscles. It also slices, and dices and makes Julienne fries.

Effects over the long run

Laughter, on the other hand, is more than a temporary mood booster. In the long run, it’s beneficial for your health. Just ask comedian Chris Farley – um, maybe not.

Laughter has the potential to: Boost your defenses against disease. Your body might be harmed by negative thoughts because they cause physiological responses that increase stress and lower immunity. Positive thoughts, on the other hand, may trigger the production of neuropeptides that assist combat stress and, in some cases, more severe ailments. Don’t you like it when I get all science-y?

When you laugh, your body creates its own natural painkillers, which may help alleviate your discomfort. Just don’t get addicted to these painkillers as you’ll end up in laugh-rehab.

You’ll feel better about yourself. You can deal with unpleasant circumstances more easily if you laugh at them. What better way to do this than uniting the pet you love with a pet t-shirt? It also facilitates communication with others. Oh, man, I love this dog t-shirt is a phrase you’ll hear often.

Laughter is the best medicine, according to traditional wisdom.

Offering funny dog bandanas, tank tops, t-shirts and other funny clothing for your pup or someone else’s pup. We don’t judge.

Try it out for yourself. Buy a funny dog bandana or t-shirt and see how people will be drawn to you. Why, you ask? Because your pup will ooze fun and laughter, and they know you might just be good for their health. See what I did there? Buying dog tank tops promotes good health. Buy some funny dog bandanas t-shirts today for your health!