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Smart Ass Bass

Smart Ass Bass

Fisher King
Fisher King
I Fish, Therefore I Am
I Fish, Therefore I Am

I Swear It Was This Big
I Swear It Was This Big. Reality: He Hooked His Own Penis.
Ask Me About My Trouser Trout
Kickin’ Ass on Bass

You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can’t Make Him Fish
Elon Musky
Elon Musky
I Can Teach a Man to Fish But I Can't Teach a Fish to Ride a Bike
I Can Teach a Man to Fish But I Can’t Teach a Fish to Ride a Bike

I'm Trying to Catch SELFISH But They Refuse to Bite
I’m Trying to Catch SELFISH But They Refuse to Bite
You Can Teach a Man to Fish But You Can’t Teach a Donkey to Wear Assless Chaps
You Can Teach a Man to Fish But You Can’t Teach a Donkey to Wear Assless Chaps

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