Funny Olympics T-shirts

Funny Olympics t-shirts are all over the Internet now. I’ve been checking out Google News, Digg, Reddit and other sources to see just what more creative minds than mine have come up with.

Here are just a few funny slogans about the Olympics that I’ve found on t-shirts:

  • The Olympics Is a Five Ring Circus
  • Where’s the Bangers and Mash Competition?
  • I Haven’t the Foggiest About the Olympics
  • Phelps Who?
  • Bring the Olympics Back to Greece. No, Wait, They’re Broke!

Anyway, these were my top 5 funny Olympics t-shirts. Of course, I just picked the ones with silly slogans that tickle my funny bone. There are many t-shirts with whimsical graphics and hilarious logos as well.

And of course, you can create your own funny t-shirts or quality logo products to celebrate humanity with a sense of humor. No matter whether you’re into funny or not, hot vs. not or you’re just an Autobot, buy some stuff online as it will help merchants like me from going to rot.

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