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This is the location for our hand-picked (not nose picked) selection of funny sweatshirts. You can find all sorts of hilarious sweatshirts by searching in the Design categories as most of our designs have a sweatshirt associated with them. Buy one or more funny sweatshirts and chill while staying warm. Buy now!

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I once wore a sweatshirt to a party that had a cartoon picture of a grown up, topless Pippi Longstockings, with the words “Pippi Longnipples” written below it. I thought it was hilarious and so did my friends. But when I got to the party, I quickly realized that not everyone shared my sense of humor.

One guy in particular took great offense to my sweatshirt. He was a die-hard Pippi fan and saw my sweatshirt as a direct insult to his favorite childhood memory. He started ranting about how Fred Flintstone was overrated and how Pippi was the true queen of comedy. I tried to diffuse the situation by jokingly pointing out that Fred wearing a flag on his shlong wasn’t really a threat to Pippi’s reign, but he wasn’t having it.

As the night went on, the guy continued to make snarky comments about my sweatshirt, and I continued to playfully rib him back. Eventually, we ended up having a pizza vs. burger debate that lasted for hours. It was ridiculous, but also really fun.

In the end, the guy actually ended up buying his own “Pippi Longnipples” sweatshirt and we all had a good laugh. But every time I see a pizza or a burger now, I can’t help but think of that silly, funny argument we had at that party.

I once wore a sweatshirt to a family gathering that had a the words “Boner Late Than Never” written in big, bold letters. I thought it was hilarious and was excited to wear it to the event, thinking it would be a great conversation starter.

When I arrived, my family members all greeted me with a smile, but one of my cousins couldn’t help but burst out laughing as soon as she saw my sweatshirt. She thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen and kept asking me where I got it.

As the day went on, I could tell that my sweatshirt was making a real impact. People kept coming up to me to take a closer look at it and ask me about it. Even my older relatives who weren’t always up-to-date on the latest trends and memes were impressed by it.

But the real highlight of the day came when my aunt’s dog, a pug named Max, saw my sweatshirt and went absolutely crazy. He kept jumping up at me, pawing at my sweatshirt, and barking like crazy. Then Max started humping my leg.

The whole room erupted in laughter as Max jumped back on my lap and continued to paw and bark at my sweatshirt. It was a hilarious moment that we all still talk about to this day, and every time I wear that sweatshirt, I can’t help but think of Max and his adorable obsession with it (and humping, yes humping).

I also had a button with a small picture of a pug on it on my sweatshirt. As Max, my aunt’s pug, continued to paw and bark at my button, trying to play with the pug on it, something unexpected happened. The pug on my sweatshirt suddenly came to life and jumped off my button, revealing that it was actually a tiny, remote-controlled robot.

Everyone in the room was shocked and amazed as the little robot pug started running around on the floor, chasing after Max and barking like a real dog. It turned out that my cousin, who was studying robotics, had built the robot and had hidden it inside the pug on my button as a prank.

The room erupted in laughter as we all watched the tiny robot pug chasing after Max, who was now even more confused and excited than before. It was a hilarious plot twist that nobody saw coming, and it made my already funny sweatshirt even funnier.

From that day on, the “Boner Late Than Never” sweatshirt with the Pug button became legendary in my family, and every time we got together, someone would bring up the story of the robot pug. It just goes to show that you never know what kind of unexpected surprises can come from wearing a funny sweatshirt.

So, what have we learned today? Well, we’ve learned that buying a funny sweatshirt is not just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a way to show the world that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you’re always ready to make people laugh.

Whether you’re wearing a coyote peyote or Boner Late Than Never sweatshirt, you’re sure to turn heads and make people smile. And who knows, you might even start a debate or unleash a robot pug on the world.

So, don’t be afraid to let your sense of humor shine through with a funny sweatshirt. Embrace the ridiculous, the absurd, and the downright silly. Life is too short to take everything so seriously, and a funny sweatshirt is the perfect way to remind yourself and others of that fact.

And if anyone ever questions your choice of sweatshirt, just remember: you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing, you’re wearing a work of art. A masterpiece of comedy and fashion that’s sure to bring joy to everyone who sees it.

So go ahead, buy that funny sweatshirt. Wear it with pride, and never stop making people laugh. The world needs more funny sweatshirts, and you could be the one to make it happen.