Funny T-shirts for the Political Season

Funny t-shirts are a mainstay of sites like this. But, now that it is political season, there is more entertaining material to design t-shirts around. In fact, there are way too many choices as to what one could put on a t-shirt in order to either promote one’s cause or to disrespect the other agenda.

Funny t-shirts for the next 10 months may poke fun at candidates or political ideology. Since, I’m having a hard time deciding which tees to put on this site and my other political t-shirt website, I thought I would put it up for a vote. All comments are welcome.

Top 10 Candidate Tee Ideas

1. John Edwards: I dropped out of this political race and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
2. Rudy Giuliani: I dropped out of this political race and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
3. Fred Thompson Loses Latest Role
4. Bill Richardson for Nice President
5. Barack Star!
6. Yo Mama Obama
7. Hillary Billary 08
8. McCain Needs McWalker
9. Sh*t Romney
10. Mike Fuggabee

Top 10 Political Issue Ideas

1. Is the Iraq War still going?
2. It’s the Economy stupid!
3. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs for SOBs
4. Methamphetamine is not Renewable Energy
5. Red States and Blue States need Green Jobs
6. Imitation Immigration
7. HillaryCare 08
8. I’m Donating My Liver to Cigna
9. Fight the Terrorists on Mars so we don’t have to fight them at home
10. Politics Makes Me Horny

There you have it, two funny t-shirt lists ripe for the pickings this election season. If you have a great slogan of your own, why not take out a Sharpie and write it on a t-shirt?

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