Funny T-Shirts Save Frankenstein on New Year’s Eve

Guest Post by Frankie Valley

When everyone around was preparing for the events and gatherings on New Year’s Eve, Frankenstein was sad. He was missing his bride who was far, far away (probably visiting Shrek).


After observing the sad mood of Frankenstein, some of his friends invited him to the party with the thought that he will have a good time and maybe will come out of his Hill Street Blues. First, Franky was reluctant to go because he didn’t think he’d enjoy it without his bride. But, at the persisten request of his friends, he finally agreed to attend the party.

This did not work. Frankenstein was having a miserable time because he was still missing his bride. The couples around were dancing and laughing together and this scenario motivated Frankenstein to think more and more about his beautiful bride. But suddenly, he observed a group of guys who were wearing some funny t-shirts.

Franky paid more attention to the quotes and images on their t-shirts and started laughing. There was a stupid t-shirt with a zombie on it that said, “Time’s fun when you’re having flies.” Then there was someone wearing a clever t-shirt that said, “Thanks, You’ve Made Me a Bitter Person.” This was such an amazing moment and his friends also became excited about his reaction. They all laughed together while talking about those funny t-shirts.

Frankenstein Headshot

They called up a guy from that funny t-shirt group and asked him about the t-shirt he was wearing. The biggest guy in the group gave his t-shirt to Frankenstein who wore it with glee (not the old TV show because that would just be weird).

It was the most amazing moment of New Year’s Eve for the entire group of friends and they all had great fun. In simple terms, the humorous t-shirts became a point of laughter and fun for Frankenstein and it also helped him to come out his Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone moment. Soon after this, he also ordered from a surprise gift for his bride and it was a beautiful t-shirt with quote that said, “If you pooped in my shoe, I would still love you.” You can’t fight love. After that he bought her best fiends merch on their anniversary which she loved with all of her enlarged heart.

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