Gun Stores to Sell Shoulder-Fired Missiles to Consumers

Guest Post By Freddie Fudgestick

Private citizens will now be able to buy shoulder-fired missiles. Personal and property security is being taken into account by the Gun Companies and the NRA. In the future, you’ll be able to buy a Javelin, Stinger or any variety of MANPADS that you desire.

No one thought this day will come but here we are. The USA government has taken security more seriously. There has been an increase in attacks from bears and neighbor dogs. The NRA has always advocated gun rights for the average citizen. They believe in more guns lead to better safety. Finally, their wish has come true.

Shoulder Fired Missile

Starting later this year, gun companies (and the US government) will permit private citizens to buy, own and use shoulder-fired missiles. The following are the general opinions of the public regarding this allowance.

  1. Mark from Nevada, Las Vegas

Mark has lived here for the past 6 years and carries a gun in his car. Nevada doesn’t require a license or registration but a CCW permit. He might take it up in hotels too for emergencies. He can’t wait to upgrade to a shoulder missile for maximum protection.

  1. Regina from Newtown, Connecticut

Regina feels she needs a few advanced self-defense tools like a shoulder-fired missile. It’s hard being a woman already, so she makes sure to take care of her and her daughter while traveling across the country.

  1. Gary from Uvalde, Texas

Gary isn’t into this new change. He thinks a personal shoulder-fired missile is unnecessary and dangerous. His interviews have not been broadcasted as it doesn’t represent the general notion about the new change.

  1. Maria from Parkland, Florida

She thinks a major weapon might result in higher gun casualties and should only be allowed for police use. Private citizens can inform the ever-ready military department if the requirement for missiles emerges. But owning the tool is not a great idea.

  1. Joan from Parkland, Florida (Maria’s neighbor)

Joan thinks the gun laws will expand beyond the shoulder missile as well. Hence, making double and triple-barrel shoulder missiles allowed to be owned by the private citizens. She also thinks Maria is a little bit of a know-it-all and her opinions don’t count.

  1. Donna from Buffalo, New York

She is 84 years old and has 7 guns in her house, 3 in her truck, and 2 in her purse. We didn’t think it was wise to ask her anything. We assume she is happy after this decision regarding the personal shoulder missile being made public. Now, she is waiting for nuclear weapons to go public.

Overall, the entire United States is in a debate about this new policy to make shoulder-fired missiles accessible to the public. The GOP part of the US Senate has swayed Democrat Joe Manchin to go along with this revolutionary idea and thus it will become law.

Manchin’s take on this new law is, “I want to buy a shoulder-fire missile as soon as possible so that I can go hunting and blow a deer to smithereens.”

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