Health Club Humor

Well, I just got back from working out at the local health club. It just kills me to see some of the trainers ducking behind the outside corner of the building for a smoke as if no one can see them.

What’s also amusing is to see people circling the parking lot looking for a parking spot close to the front door. Will it really kill them to walk a few extra steps before getting on the treadmill?

I’m also in constant amazement to see how many people dress up to work out. I mean, I’m still wearing the tattered workout clothes that I’ve had since my third-grade gym class and then there are others who spend a couple hundred bucks in order to look good while they’re sweating and grimacing. You know the kind. They’re grimacing as if a turd were stuck in them and just won’t come out.

Anyway, Viva le difference! Or as they say when I’m trying to get back into the country, “Visa le difference!” and “Take off your shoes, homeboy and show us the dynamite you have stashed under your cuticles.”

‘Nough said.

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