History of Cyber-Monday

Just Another Cyborg Monday, It's My Fun Day
Just Another Cyborg Monday, It’s My Fun Day

As the world grows more and more used to having numerous events and festivities, a popular starting place for many shoppers is Cyber Monday. While most of us are used to doing a lot of shopping at Black Friday (bleh!), it isn’t always the best time to shop. Sometimes, a bit of patience (it’s a virtue, right?) can bring you some incredible sales and extras that you could not find on the Friday before.

What caused this celebratory day to even become a thing?

The history of Cyber Monday goes back to around the year 2005, when Shop.org, a National Retail Federation body, came up with the idea. While many deride Black Friday and Cyber Monday as just more ‘May the 4th Be with You’ type days, there is a long history of incredible deals in the Cyber Monday sales ladder.

However, its creation was in response to Black Friday. Previously seen as a brick-and-mortar business day, Cyber Monday was created as the digital equivalent (the Internet rocks!). With many online businesses seeing their local competitors building up huge profits on Black Friday, by the Monday they wanted to compete. And what better way to start the business week than with a huge sale that can bring in some incredible business?

Not as popular as Black Friday, Cyber Monday usually comes in at the Top 10 to Top 15 busiest shopping days of the year. Today, this date has become a major part of the shopping calendar. Those who are looking for good deals online tend to wait until the Monday, even as Black Friday has become an increasingly online opportunity also.

Why was Cyber Monday created?

The simplest reason is that Cyber Monday was developed due to the fact that many shoppers were still in ‘buy now’ mode from Black Friday. Many shoppers were frustrated at stock limits on the Friday, or that the item they wanted were not available for sale. And of course, fighting the crowds at Walmart and Target are a thing!

By the Monday, many are still flush with cash and looking for an option to buy the item they really wanted. So, Cyber Monday was created to try and accommodate the still hungry buying audience.

The jump in sales associated with Cyber Monday is also a big reason why so many companies are now involved. The day has become one of the most important shopping days during the holiday season, and it can be an absolute game-changer for those who are looking to really change things up.

Indeed, with eCommerce sales making up a larger and larger piece of the pie with every passing year, it should come as no surprise that Cyber Monday is so successful. Of course, here at FunnyDesigns.com we keep proposing to the government that Cyborg Monday become a federal holiday as the 2nd Monday in December but so far this has fallen on deaf ears (really deaf because do you know how old some of those members of Congress are?).

Today, what was once a typically American reaction to successful commerce promotions, then, has become a global promotional event where many people spend what they couldn’t on the Black Friday. So, why don’t you spend your Cyber Monday with us and find just the piece of funny merch that is unique and not in any brick-and-mortar store? And, of course you are welcome to spend Cyborg Monday with us as well!

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