Italy Shaken By Mafia T-shirt

Here’s another story in the news that caught my fancy where a slogan on a t-shirt is shaking up the local authorities. Apparently, a few shops in Italy have been selling t-shirts that make fun of the mafia. One of the most popular t-shirts states, “Mafia – Made in Italy.”

The local authorities have been dismayed with the popularity of the funny t-shirts, which are selling especially well to tourists. A couple of Italian senators are so offended by the t-shirts that they are making formal requests to the government to have the retailers stop selling the funny shirts.

Perhaps these senators are so offended because they can see themselves one day sitting around the Costa Nostra dinner table on casual Friday, enveloped by a group of Mafioso’s wearing the infamous shirts and will, themselves feel obliged to join them?

Then again they just may want to check out the “Jimmy Hoffa Is Buried In My Ass” t-shirt that is being hocked on this site and wear that to the dinner table instead.

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