ManBan the Cat

manban cat 1

ManBan the Cat was having a lovely day. He woke up, stretched lazily, and decided to go for a walk. The sun was shining, and the birds were singing. As he walked, he spotted a little squirrel on the ground. He immediately gave chase. The squirrel ran as fast as he could, but ManBan was hot on his heels. Suddenly, the squirrel began to climb the tree.

ManBan was surprised, but he kept climbing. When the squirrel reached the top of the tree, he began to fly. ManBan was shocked. He had never seen a flying squirrel before. He decided to give chase. He lit his own farts and began to fly after the squirrel.

squirrel in clouds

The chase was on! The squirrel was flying as fast as he could, but ManBan was gaining on him. He was about to catch the squirrel when the squirrel flew into a cloud. ManBan lost sight of him and flew into the cloud after him.

When ManBan flew out of the cloud, he was in a different country. He was in the land of the flying squirrels. He had never seen so many flying squirrels in his life. The flying squirrels were surprised to see ManBan. They had never seen a cat before. They thought he was a strange creature.

They disliked that ManBan was giving chase to one of their own. And like the scene from the Wizard of Oz where the flying monkeys gave chase or from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” where the bird was the word and pursued the people, the squirrels chased after ManBan like they were possessed!

manban cat 2

Fortunately, ManBan was able to fly into another cloud to evade the flying squirrels. And, unfortunately, when he came out he was in the land of flying dogs. ManBan was aghast. The flying dogs took quick notice and began to chase ManBan.

Like before, ManBan evaded them by flying into the nearest cloud. This time he didn’t want to come out. He didn’t know what would be waiting for him on the other side.

This is when ManBan realized he shouldn’t be able to stay aloft for so long by simply lighting his own farts on fire. Once he realized this, he started to descend quickly. And, when he did, he found himself in the land of flying pigs.

pig flying

And that’s when he realized, “The day that I light my farts on fire in order to chase a flying squirrel into an alternate reality is that day that pigs fly.” And so, from this day forward, ManBan would never again light his farts on fire to give chase or to heat up his crack pipe.

Guest Post by AI-Generated Shakespeare

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