Nipple Hole T-shirts Now For Sale

Nipple hole t-shirts are the latest thing in the fashion industry! We’ve just contracted with premier t-shirt manufacturer Joizees to offer an Internet exclusive on nipple hole t-shirts.

Why must everyone have such a t-shirt? The simple answer is that not everyone should. Only those who have fabulous nipples should wear them. In addition, if you have nipple rings or other nipple hardware that you would like to show off without the drama of a wardrobe malfunction, then buy a few nipple hole t-shirts today.

Will this nipple hole t-shirt get you in trouble with local law enforcement officials? It may. Each city has its own decency laws when it comes to allowing the exposure of the female nipple but none when it comes to the male nipple. This double standard must be exposed and eradicated!

You can do your part by parading one of these fabulous nipple hole t-shirts through the cities close to where you live. If you are ticketed, simply inform the officers of the double-standard. If you are arrested, however, call the Civil Liberties Union as they will help you out. Oh, and if you haven’t guessed it by now this is an April Fool’s joke so don’t get your panties in a bunch and don’t ask what colors and sizes these tees come in either.

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