Obama T-shirt Sales Die Down

According to this article, the people who developed Barack-in-the-Box for the 2008 campaign season are now stuck with 3,000 of them in a warehouse in California. The Obamarama t-shirt phase has also died down because almost one year later our President is not quite the rock star that he was before the election.

Now the harsh reality of health care reform is weighing on people’s minds and WTF is so funny about that? I’m just glad those damned Obama plate commercials have stopped. For months after the election in 2008, there were these commercials running on TV with a picture of Barack Obama on them in front of the American flag.

But then you’d hear the voiceover say “And those smiling eyes and kind face” which the first ten or so times wasn’t bad, but after about 50 times I got so nauseous I wanted to vomit up a cat. And, every time that commercial ran, they would say “And, there are only 3,000 plates that will be fired before we break the mold forever” or some such nonsense such as this.

Yes, they broke the mold. They made another similar mold and that didn’t sell so they decided to try their luck at some copycat of the Barack-in-the-Box that was just waning in popularity. So, it goes. President Obama is not the easiest guy to make fun of. Perhaps it’s time to find another worldwide figure that is easy to poke fun at to put on a t-shirt. Has anyone seen Osama lately?

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