Oh Lord Stuck In Lodi Again – Man Sues Self

Yes, it’s true that a man in Lodi, California is suing the city for driving a dump truck into his car. The only problem is that this man is also the driver of the dump truck. The man, Curtis Gokey, filed a claim for $3,600, but Lodi officials denied the claim, since in essence, Mr. Gokey was suing himself. Rumor has it that Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Oh, Lord, Stuck in Lodi Again” was playing on his radio when the accident occurred.

Since that claim was denied, the Gokey’s decided to file a claim under the wife’s name, Rhonda. Rhonda is suing for $4,800 since apparently, she’s not as nice as her husband.

So, what’s next? Will this man now ram the dump truck into his own house so that he may sue for some badly needed home repairs? Perhaps he has a few friends who would like new cars or home repairs as well. And why isn’t this man’s paycheck being docked for his reckless driving endeavors?

Anyway, I would like to see the face of the judge who tries this suit when he finds out what this case is about. Perhaps even an appearance on Judge Judy would be in order.

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