Funny Fabric Facemask – Happy Holler Days!


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These Happy Holler Days funny facemasks over an extra layer of protection from Covid, the Flu, Ringworm, Round Worm and night crawlers in your rectum. The 100% polyester cloth Happy Holler Days facemasks are reusable and provide a physical barrier around your face to ward off the Heebie-jeebies along with neerdowell diseases. These Happy Holler Days facemasks are not medical grade, so they are not meant for doctor’s offices or hospital use. However, these funny facemasks are wonderful for everyday use and will protect you overall in most situations. Buy a Happy Holler Days funny facemask now!


One size
Width, in7.25
Height, in4.63



.: 100% Polyester
.: Adjustable nylon spandex earloops
.: Silicone adjustment beads
.: Two layers of cloth
.: One size



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