Orgasm Donor Sleeping Mask


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These Orgasm Donor funny sleeping masks over an extra layer of protection from bad dreams, nightmares and wacky fantasies . The 100% polyester cloth Orgasm Donor sleep masks are reusable and provide a physical barrier around your eyes to ward off the Heebie-jeebies along with neerdowell dreams. These Orgasm Donor sleep masks will help you to snore like there is not tomorrow. However, these funny sleeping masks are wonderful for everyday use and will get a laugh from all who view it. Buy a Orgasm Donor funny sleep mask now!


One size
Width, in9.50
Height, in3.75



.: One size (9.5″ × 3.75″) (24.13cm × 9.52cm)
.: Stretchy elastic band (11.40”) (28.95cm)
.: Made from microfiber polyester
.: Print side is soft to the touch



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