Robert Fidler Builds Castle Behind Hay

Okay, this story is too good to pass up. An Englishman named Robert Fidler decided to build his dream home. The only problem is that Robert Fidler’s dream home is a castle, and he hid it behind a huge wall of hay.

What the hay? Apparently Fidler who was on the roof quite a bit, was denied previous permits to build his dream home. So, Robert Fidler did a little lawyering a found himself a little-known provision that said if a person built a home or castle and it stood for four years without any objections, it was a legal construction.

The city council, however is objecting to the idea that Robert Fidler’s home is his castle or vice versa and is saying he has to take it down. So, far Robert Fidler is not cooperating so a siege may become imminent. Soon, there may be sounds of “Run away, run away!” as an evil bunny flies through the air near the castle drawbridge.

While some people are building castles in the air, Robert Fidler may be defending his with slings and arrows. Then again, perhaps Fidler and the city council can come to some compromise. Once this is done, they call all go out for White Castles.

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