Scientists Discover Clams in Space

Documents recently released because of the United States Freedom of Information Act show that NASA has documented proof that clams exist in space. During Astronaut Ed White’s first American space walk on June 3, 1965, clams were spotted floating by in the photos that became outtakes since at that time. NASA had no explanation for how clams could appear in the earth’s outermost atmosphere.

Clams in Space

After years of not talking, NASA officials have just stepped to the forefront unveiling for the first time, photographic evidence and an explanation for the clams. According to NASA spokesperson, Phil Eastman, “From our research we found that Russian cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov was to blame for the clams in space. Apparently, all of the cosmonauts at that time had a taste for clams, brought them on board and when finished, Mr. Leonov simply put out the trash. Of course, Russia has never confirmed this, but we have it on good source.”

Other theories about the clams in space abound such as they were simply an extraneous part of the soundstage in Houston, where the spacewalk was really filmed (according to conspiracy theorists) and came from Galveston Bay.

No matter which theory you subscribe to there will no doubt be much debate in the weeks and months to come concerning why this information was not unveiled sooner and what to do, if anything, about the clams in space. Apparently, a congressional investigation has also just been launched.

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