Slaps Heard Around the World

Guest Post by Ride Sally Ride

Stooge Slap

We are all peace-loving creatures so no one WILL slap anyone unless they truly deserve it. Even then, you will go on to cry and apologize about it. It’s not acceptable but it has been done before especially in Hollywood.

Slaps have been used in Hollywood to signify a major scene in the movie. It gets everyone’s attention and increases the gravity of the situation. Today, we’d like to talk about 8 slap scenes from Hollywood that caught everyone’s eye.

  1. The Birds

This horror movie is about the attack of birds on a city after the protagonist moves to the town. The protagonist (Tippi Hedron) slaps a town member when she is blamed for bringing bad luck. We don’t know if Tippi was evil, but she sure gave an evil slap to the terrified woman.

  1. Moonstruck

This is a love triangle between the protagonist and two brothers. A widow is set to remarry and finds a well-settled man. But she is left confused when she meets his more charming younger brother. Loretta (played by Cher) slaps Ronny (Nicolas Cage), the younger brother TWICE for telling her he loves her. I must say a double slap is an interesting reply to ‘I love you’.

  1. Flowers at the Attic

A 2014 psychological thriller about kids who have lost their father. This book is filled with so much trauma, it’s really too much. But the scene where the grandmother hits baby Coddy is particularly disturbing. This movie is hated by many people and the 7 slap scenes might have something to do with it.

  1. Titanic

I mean excuse me! How can we not include the head-turning slap Rose had to take. Cal (Rose’s fiancé) slaps Rose hard when she refuses to accept that Jack has done any wrongdoing. Cal’s abusive nature is hinted at throughout the movie, and it doesn’t stop at the slap. Bravo! Rose for never marrying him and taking his expensive necklace by mistake.

  1. The Lion King

Simba might have been naive as a baby, but he surely knows how to show his sass as an adult. The audience cheers when Mufasa receives the “Death slap”. We are into all the slaps that finish the villain.

  1.  Gone with the Wind

This movie was a revolution from the black and white movies. The irony is that this 4-hour long color movie about war romance had no war scene. The manipulative protagonist slaps the hero, and it is more insulting than you can imagine. In the end, she is left abandoned.

  1. The Incredibles

Can we ever stop fangirling over Edna from The Incredibles? She is the coolest designer and apparently also a therapist. Her advice-giving means might not be conventional, but she knows how to get you in your senses. As seen in the scene where she smacks Elastic Girl on her head for blaming herself

  1. The night at the Museum

We are obsessing over the character, graphics, and comedy of this movie. But remember that adorable slap fight between Larry (Ben Stiller) and Dexter (literally a monkey named Crystal). Larry is trying to recover the keys from the monkey. And they end up slapping each other God knows how many times.

So many people have differing opinions of the slap that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock during the Academy Awards. What is your opinion? My opinion is that I’ll take the slap happy 3 Stooges any day as that’s the kind of slapstick I’m into. Sointanly!

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