Sleeper Cells Prevalent

Code Orange, Code Yellow, what’s it all mean? This country has been on alert so much during the past 4 years that by now we’re just sleeping through it. And that’s a good thing. Just more proof that there are a vast number of sleeper cells in this country.

If you’d like more evidence of sleeper cells, just go to a major airport at midnight and you’ll see cells of sleepers on the benches, floors and in chairs. Also visit any prison during ‘lights out’ and you can’t help but see hundreds or even thousands of sleeper cells waiting for sun up.

Remember grade school science class when you sandwiched a paramecium between two small plates of glass? Hey, sometimes that cell has to sleep, too.

The CIA, NSA and FBI have spent way too much time trying to track the sleeper cells in this country. A bit of advice: follow the Ambien trail. That will lead to more than enough sleepers to satisfy even the most finicky of spies.

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