Squid Blame Games

Squid Blame Games

The year is now 2031 and we are in the 100th season of the TV show Squid Games.  It has been an amazing and ingenious run at the bizarre world of how to kill off thousands of people and get away with it.

All this because of an addiction to thrill seeking by the organizers.  The organizers blame their initial infatuation and participation in betting on horses. They want that thrill of the chase and something different to gamble on

Believe it or not, #356 is still alive and running the games. Now, how about that addiction to horse racing?  Yes, they bet on the Squid Game participants because they say that there is nothing else exciting. They are so bored with their lives they need the extra thrill of blood gushing from multiple bodies at the same time. So, basically, they blame the lack of excitement in their life as the rationale to execute people for fun, games, and pure sadistic enjoyment

Yes, greed is the absolute warrior enhancer which makes us all want to gamble on something. So why not play kids games again. What the hell is as harmless as a simple game of red light, green light, with your life on the line playing against 435 other people.

By now, all the original game members have been killed off except #356, but we know that as always there will be those that are desperate and greedy to participate in this game no matter how long they go on.  Yes, they will blame their mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles for their misfortunes.  But what about the killing of their friends or associates why were they killed, why were they not protected.  Greed, greed, greed.

However, in watching this something else is needed. How about a human horse race with commentary as to what is really going on? Kind of like the announcers when you go to the track.  Let your imagination flow with the following:

Here they come around the turn, it is #5002 in the lead but wait he tripped on his shoelaces and fell blaming it on his mother who did not teach him how to double tie them in the first place.  Oh no, he’s down with multiple shots to the torso. 

Taking the lead along the stretch is # 4926, she has come up limp and is now in last place, she is now silently blaming #4167 who she had sex with the night before and must have made her strain her muscles.  Those that fall 10 lengths behind are eliminated. So off with her head as the bullets make her head explode and the brains are now all over the track.

Here we go entering the final 100 yards it is #4888 and #4990 head-to-head trading the lead back and forth. #4990 blasts a huge fart which makes #4888 back off puking and he loses the race.  Yep, the reason he lost is that damn fart he is thinking as the sounds of the guns ring through his head which is no longer on his body.  Wow, talk about a crappy day. And yes, there is a lot of blame to go around!

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