St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts Are Fun for Blarney Kissers

So, all you Blarney kissing, jig dancing, shamrock groping Irishmen (and pseudo-Irishmen and women), it’s that time of year again. On Saturday, March 17, people everywhere will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And what will a good Irish people be wearing on this fine holiday?

That’s correct, funny St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts! That as why, this fine Irish soul would like to call your attention to our collection of humorous St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts that you can wear in a tavern or bar or just out and about. Why not celebrate the green season with your favorite Irish friends like Pat McGroin and Phil McCracken?

So, get crackin’ and buy a few funny St. Patty’s Day t-shirts today (or at least before March 10) to ensure they arrive by the holiday. Remember, at the end of the rainbow is a Leprechaun with a pot of gold. So, do a little dwarf tossing and take it away from him so that you’ll have plenty of money for green beer this year. That’s an order lads and lassies!

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