Supper Bowl XL Party Favors

Sometimes all of the forces of the universe come together and cause, well, indigestion. But other times these same forces, call them karma or kismet or even Murphy’s Law come together to provide us with the perfect spawning ground for a great visual pun.

Take for instance, the upcoming Super Bowl 40 or XL as they are calling it (don’t you just love roman numerals – they give everything class?). Well, because XL can be taken as 40 or as X-Large, I placed on our website a funny t-shirt design called “Supper Bowl XL” for those who have spent a lot of time chowing down and expanding at the waistline.

Supper Bowl XL can also be ordered in size 2XL, though you will never see a football game with such numerals. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jerome Bettis would be a perfect candidate for a Supper Bowl XL t-shirt and one the Seattle side, Mike Holmgren would also fill the bill just fine. In fact, both the Pittsburgh and Seattle offensive and defensive lines would more than fill out a few Supper Bowl XL t-shirts.

If the Cleveland Browns were playing in this Super Bowl, we could fit the whole ‘Dawg Pound’ with Supper Bowl tees.

But I digress. Yet, this is exactly where I wanted to go. So, for the fans of eating, buy a few Supper Bowl XL t-shirts today, in any size, and show your support for America’s favorite past time – chow time.

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