T-shirts As Social Statements and Security Blankets

T-shirts mean many things to many people. For some, it’s a way to make a statement to the world. For instance, a particular t-shirt made it to the Federal Appeals court in California recently because a student wore it to school on Tolerance day and the t-shirt had an anti-gay message upon it. The student claimed he was exercising free speech and expression. As punishment, the student had to wear an anti-gang t-shirt into the middle of Watts at 2 am, but that’s a different story …

To some others, t-shirts offer security. There’s a great story in the Oregon News Review, about how a U. S. soldier at Abu Ghraib in Iraq found solace in a t-shirt that he had received. This t-shirt was a reminder of home and how he, too would like to be in the middle of Watts at 2 am, wearing an anti-gang t-shirt.

But, nonetheless, (and no nasty emails please) t-shirts do have impact on those around us. For some, they are statements and for others, a simple means to dress up an un-toned, under-used and unusually saggy upper torso.

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