Tilikum T-shirts Killer Whale Orcagasm Stud

Besides being a Killer Whale who apparently kills and kills again and thus the name, Killer Whale, the Sea World Tilikum is also a multi-million-dollar animal they aren’t just going to release back into the wild.

Stroke Me Tilikum

That said, Tilikum is also a world-famous Orca breeder spawning 13 other whales. He is the only living Orca grandpa in captivity. Because Tilikum is a prolific sexual animal with the propensity for shooting his wad, we thought it only appropriate to take a different angle on the whole Killer Whale incident.

I thought of titles like “Tilikum Shot” and “Tilikum Again” but I think “Stroke Me Tilikum” says it all. The Orcagasm comment is a little extra. Guys, buy this Tilikum t-shirt and wear it with pride among your would-be lady friends.

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