Top Reasons to Avoid Black Friday in Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores

Me, on Black Friday, Missing Out on the Last Good TV at Walmart
Me, on Black Friday, Missing Out on the Last Good TV at Walmart

Deals, deals, and deals. We all love a deal in life (Let’s Make a Deal, right?). Getting a nice bit of value in life is always a big positive. Being able to spring an offer that you should not have been able to find can feel positively spectacular.

However, if you are like many other people, you might not be able to really cash in on the Black Friday fun as you would have wanted. Fighting the crowds at Walmart, c’mon!

Major pressure

Black Friday has a history of going wrong, with people becoming aggressive and threatening each other and the store staff. In what is already a tough period for employees, Black Friday can simply exasperate what is already a trying shopping period. Have you seen or experienced the Black Friday madness at a brick-and-mortar retail outlet? You may want to bring an armored suit this time. As Monte Python said, “It’s just a flesh wound!”

The quality isn’t always great

You might barge into a store to find a ‘great deal’ on a TV brand. A 4K TV for a fraction of the normal price? Great!

Then you try it out and realize that it’s a low brand knock-off that has a fraction of the output power of a TV that is worth the cost. Often, the deals you get on Black Friday are typically big sales on items not typically selling. Buy my reject, please!

You can get better deals at other times

Instead of buying into the madness of such a ridiculous concept, you can get a better deal than you get on Black Friday. It just takes a small bit of patience and some shopping around. Also, shopping online such as our store is an option. No crowds, no fuss, no mess. No bother, oh brother, it’s so easy to shop here from the comfort of your own home.

You avoid wasting money

Many of us feel like we get a good deal on Black Friday until we realize the items we bought were things we didn’t even really want or need. Do you really need a twelfth Pocket Fisherman?

This is like the people who shop with coupons, who then spend more money because something is ‘on offer with the coupon’ that they don’t even need. Do you really need a twelfth ham?

Most of the time, any savings you make on Black Friday are replaced by superfluous purchases that you could have easily done without.

So, if you can avoid going to brick and mortar stores on Black Friday, do it. There are many fine online establishments such as where shopping is easy and the laughs come frequently too.

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