What Funny T-shirts Say About a Person?

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Wearing T-shirts with messages is nothing new and it has been done for various reasons like spreading awareness, advertising your product or company, celebrating a festival etc. But wearing t-shirts with funny messages is all together a new trend and becoming popular day by day. Let’s take look at some of the funny t-shirts and see what they are telling us

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Why it says about the person?

1. For Fun: Most of the time we wear it just for fun. We just feel happy to wear t-shirts like this. These are easily available with a wide range of variety, and it is just another way to share the laugh with our friends.

2. Starting a date with a Joke is a better idea:

This is very common in people irrespective of age and gender and they think that the best way to start a date is start it with a joke. So, they prefer to wear a T-Shirt with a funny quote of joke printed in it and try to impress their partner that they are really a happy-go-like, funny person to be with.

3. Showing remorse

Sometimes when we offend someone and lose the communication with that person, we try to repair the damage by printing a funny and thoughtful message in your t-shirt and wear it in front of them or just send it them.

4. To attract conversation:

Say, you are at a party, and you really don’t know many people out there, wearing a t-shirt with a real funny and attractive message can definitely attract many conversations and eventually can bring new friends so that you can enjoy the party to its fullest.

5. Giving Messages: Sometimes behind these funny messages, some serious issues are also addressed. But just to make it a not-so serious affair we try to give our messages with a dose of laughter.

6. As a protest: It has been seen that many times the protest also comes in form of the funny messages like the one shown here:

7. Making others happy

Sometimes people just wear the funny T-shirts to put a smile in the faces of some one who needs it badly. There can be many reasons behind the sorrow like suffering from terminally ill-diseases, heart-broken, depressed by some incidents and so on. We have seen many organizations working with the hospitals of terminally ill patients for their mental support just wear t-shirts with funny messages which gives them hope and put a smile in their face.

Sometimes when we visit a home for the elderly also, we wear t-shirts with funny messages to reduce the frustration and bring a smile to the faces of many of the lonely people.

So, there are numerous reasons why people wear funny t-shirts but definitely you have your own reason, so go for it, just be happy and enjoy your life.

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