Why Are Farts Funny?

I Light My Farts On Fire Blog Post
I Light My Farts On Fire

The word fart, which sometimes give us embarrassing, uncomfortable feeling and many a times a topic to make fun of others.

It is a natural process:

Yes, that’s right, farting has nothing abnormal. Everybody around you does it and if they don’t, they will fall sick. Our body naturally produces some gases that needs to be released and it has to be done naturally. If we don’t allow it, it is definitely going to make us sick. So, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if it is happening to you. It is happening to everyone. The exception is Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un whose body is so perfect that he doesn’t poop, fart or pee. Go Kim!

The problem related to farts are basically the odor and the sound. So, it is considered to be inappropriate to fart in public. Except if you’re in a crowded elevator and want to make a lasting impression.

How farting can be funny?

As I said before, it is nothing abnormal, it is done by everyone. But we feel embarrassed by its odor and the sound. So, we try to supress it in public. But if it cannot be controlled, just take it lightly, laugh it out, make fun of it. You know that if we just laugh at something, it makes the situation much lighter. So, save yourself from feeling guilty about it. Wearing one of our funny Gas FART Electric t-shirts will help. So will wearing some funny men’s undies that read: I Light My Farts On Fire as this will take the sting out of things.

In many other ways we can call farting funny, like with friends or our close acquaintances just take it as something very humorous. You can see it especially in kids or youngster gatherings, if it is done by someone, they just start laughing at it and try to identify the person who did it.

In fact, taking farting as funny is nothing new. It has taken its place in jokes for as early as 900 BCE. It is a kind of feeling, that we are unable to control our body and surrendering to it instead. We just try to change the topic of embarrassment into something funny that we can enjoy. There are many rhyming games where we get phrases about farting which tries to put the blame on something else. Let’s look into some of those phrases:

1. He who detected it ejected it.

2. He who smelt it dealt it.

3. He who denied it supplied it.

4. Whoever spoke it broke it.

5. Whoever gave the call gassed us all.

6. Whoever spoke last set off the blast.

7. Whoever’s poking fun is the smoking gun.

8. Whoever thought it brought it.

Farting becomes even more funny when people try to put the blame on others and it backfires on them. Like, there is a joke about the queen, after emitting flatulence, the Queen just turned to the nearby page and said “Arthur, stop that!”, the immediate reply was “Yes, Your Majesty, which way did it go?”

So, there is nothing wrong in farting. It is absolutely a natural process. Yes, we need to be careful in public places specially in some formal environment (or not as this can be funny too). But even if it happens, just laugh it out, take it lightly and stop yourself from feeling embarrassed and guilty. Believe me, there are many around you who are also trying to save themselves from this so-called embarrassment. If you don’t believe me and have a home Internet appliance ask it, Hey Google, can you fart? Now, you know the answer.

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