Write for Us!

Clown Writing


Are you a jolly joker, a gibbering jokester, a writer who can’t seem to create anything serious? Do you fancy yourself a funnyman (or funny woman or funny non-gender specific or even a funny alien artifact, in fact)? Then this gig may be for you!

We are looking for weird, wacky and wonderfully humorous writers to create funny stories for our blog. We’ll even pay your for your creations as well (well, not a lot since we’re a small website, but we’ll pay you something which is better than nothing, right?).

We are looking for:

  • Thematic, creative, and entertaining content
  • Elevated concept and punchy writing
  • Unpublished content
  • Topical comedy
  • Evergreen comedy
  • Long-format jokes
  • Funny essays
  • Observational humor
  • Funny stories
  • Current events
  • News events
  • Pop culture humor

Humor Writer’s Guidelines and Other Info

  1. We pay a negotiable price per 1,000-word article
  2. Unpublished articles only
  3. The article needs to be original and unique and pass Copyscape and Grammarly plagiarism checkers
  4. Humorous stories, articles, opinions, essays, anecdotes, long format jokes are desired. The writing can be topical or evergreen.
  5. If the article can mention funny t-shirts, coffee mugs or some of the other merchandise we sell, that is a bonus, but not required.
  6. All writing will be edited at the discretion of our staff
  7. Byline is given
  8. We buy all rights
  9. We buy 2 – 4 funny articles / stories per month
  10. We hope the writers will promote their work once it is published (even if it’s just a social media mention)
  11. Check grammar and spelling as we expect the writing to be typo and error free
  12. Some of the funny topics we like to publish include celebrities, movies, TV, popular fictional characters, news, technology, relationships, pets and animals, work, business, death, religion, pop culture, commercials and anything and anyone in the public eye.

But, wait, there’s more

If your funnybone is in your writing arm or perhaps you have a funnybone in each arm when you type, then we want to work with you. If you have no arms and type like Stephen Hawking did, then we still want to work with you as long as you are Lolcats funny!

Before sending your work, check to see if we are currently open for submissions!

Good Luck!