Writer in Angst Needs Funny Book Title

I get a ton of email every week for the funnydesigns.com website. Many times there just isn’t enough time to read and reply to them all. But, then on rare occasions, someone will send in an email request that I just can’t put off until later.

As a writer myself I know what writer’s angst and writer’s block is all about. So, I could immediately relate to the following email that was sent in by a writer trying to come up with a funny book title.

Here’s the email:

Hi – I know this is probably random – but I figure you
see a lot of really cute phrases and cool ideas every
day because of your web site.

I’m a writer and I’m REALLY struggling to come up with
a title for my book. I published a book already (and
it pays crap which is why I can’t really offer to pay
for an idea). I’m just looking for cute phrases on
the internet that would make a great book title.

My book is about the “insecure woman” within that
stands in our way and how we can “beat that wench for
good” and get what we want in life. The one idea I
keep coming back to is “You Go Girl … And Don’t Come
Back.” But I don’t love it.

Anyway – if whomever is reading this happens to think
of a really cute phrase you’ve seen off the top of
your head, please send it to me! I will honestly be
incredibly grateful and gladly include your name in
the book and send you copies.

This is probably the oddest email you’ve ever
received, but hey, writer’s block is horrific and I’m
at my wits end.

Keri (not my real name!)

So, if you have an idea for a funny book title for Keri (not her real name) send it in and I’ll forward it to her. Let’s get Keri out of her angst and back on track!

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